Covid -19 information

Additional infection prevention measures have been put in place in the acupuncture clinic to limit the propagation of Covid-19, in compliance with the requirements of the Professional Order of Acupuncturists of Quebec and Public Health. Here are the main measures implemented.

Triage Questionnaire for Covid-19:

Upon your arrival to the clinic, you will be required to fill out this covid-19 triage questionnaire.

COVID-19 : Postpone your Appointment if: 

  • You present 1 or more of these symptoms: ​
    • coughing, sore throat, fever, loss of smell, breathing difficulties/shortness of breath.
  • You present 2 or more of these symptoms:
    • sore stomach, diarrea, nausea/vomiting, intense or unusual fatigue, important loss of appetite, generalised muscular pain, unusual headache, nasal congestion/runny nose.

Not sure about this? You can read the triage form below or contact me for more information.

Procedures to follow during your appointment:

During your appointment, you must:

  • wash your hands for at least 20 seconds upon arrival and departure from the clinic;
  • wear a face mask (type procedural/surgical mask) (Recommended);

Infection Prevention

The acupuncturist and patient are no longer required to wear a procedural mask during the session. I will keep mine however.

Since the cleaning and disinfection measures are already extensive in a acupuncture clinic, we are keeping our good practices. We have also raised our standards during the pandemic to ensure that all surfaces in contact with the patient and the therapist are cleaned between sessions.