I am a Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist. My practice will help restore your physical and psychological wellbeing. I see clients of all ages for a wide range of health conditions. My practice integrates traditional medical practices with current medical advances.

Each client is treated as an individual in order to ensure the most appropriate care is provided. I welcome you to be received in a warm, calm and healing environment.

I am a member of the Order of Quebec Acupuncturists and the Association of Quebec Acupuncturists.

My Background

I studied Acupuncture at Rosemont College, unique institution offering this teaching Quebec. This intensive 3-year training focuses on the traditional Chinese vision of acupuncture, while incorporating fundamental notions of biology, pathology and western pharmacology. It includes 480 hours of clinical training.

Before discovering acupuncture, I developed a great interest in biology and environmental sciences. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology from McGill University and a Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences from UQAM. I worked in environmental conservation and sustainable development for 10 years, before diving into the fascinating world of acupuncture.