Acupuncture is a traditional medicine and has not been developed in a modern scientific approach. It is empirical knowledge and it uses concepts and language that can sometimes be confusing for us, westerners of the 21st century. However, acupuncture sparks the curiosity of the scientific community! Recherchers are studying the effects of acupuncture on the body and its therapeutic properties. This section presents a brief summary of the state of research in acupuncture.

State of Research

There are two main areas of acupuncture research: studies focusing on the clinical effectiveness of acupuncture and studies to understand the physiological mechanisms explaning the effects.

The vast majority of acupuncture research focuses on how effective it is in treating certain health conditions, particularly in the area of ​​musculoskeletal pain. In more recent years, our scientific understanding of the action mechanisms potentially involved in acupuncture have improved, especially with new advances in the field of neurology and anatomy.

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