I often recommend to my patients to stimulate acupuncture points at home using moxa sticks. If this is your case, here is a reminder of the steps to take:


– Light the moxa stick with a candle;
– Remove the ashes regularly using an ashtray, to avoid them falling on the skin;
– Bring the moxa stick close to the skin, between 1 or 2 cm, never in direct contact with the skin. Keep the moxa stick up to 10 seconds over the acupuncture point (remove before if too hot), then remove the moxa and rub the skin with your finger to diminish the heat sensation;
– Repeat the number of times recommended in the clinic by your acupuncturist. To calculate the number of repetitions, one stimulation equals one sensation of strong heat on the skin (always remove the moxa stick prior to a burning sensation);
– To extinguish the moxa, it is best to smother it using a special moxa extinguisher.
– Stop the procedure if you experience discomforts during or closely after the procedure, or if your symptoms worsen.

Where to find moxa:

Moxa can be found in the Montreal China town district or in an acupuncture supply store (for example: Lierre, Larivière-Meunier). You can purchase 2 main types of moxa sticks: traditional (made with dried leaves) and smokeless (made with charcoal). 

Examples of what to look for:

Traditional Moxa
(dried leaves type)

Smokeless Moxa
(charcoal type)
Moxa Extinguisher

Tutorial on using moxa sticks at home :

What points to heat ?

I will have provided indications during your appointment in the clinic regarding the points to heat. Here are images of the points I frequently recommend.